Alongside the Membership service which gives you access of life improving content to help enhance you as an individual, one to one sessions are available. Do you feel like your struggling and needs to speak with someone?

At mayday minds we offer services personalised for your wellbeing, counselling, meditation, hypnotherapy for fear/PTSD plus a host of other issues and energy healing – this can be life changing!

Booking a one to one session means you speak with Lisa via a video link, to receive the help you require to take the step an become at peace with you!

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I met Lisa 5 years ago in my teacher training year when I started attending fortnightly group meditation classes - it was the best thing I could have done! These fortnightly sessions were really helpful especially in such a stressful time in my life, and they really helped me to relax and get throug...
June 02, 2020
Meditation group, we did a different meditation each time. Each time it provided a different and new, exciting experience. Everyone in the group used to really look forward to what we were doing that week, and then we were given opportunities to talk about what we had experienced (if we wanted to). ...
Sleaford Group
June 02, 2020
I have had two sessions of hypnotherapy with Lisa to help with my anxiety. These were amazing! One session dug deep (back to when I was 16-18 years old) and really helped me to get to the root of my anxiety and what caused it - and now I never think of these times at all anymore! The second session ...
June 02, 2020
Lisa has provided support at really low times in my life through her 1:1 counselling sessions, and has given me lots of amazing tools to use at home and in my every day life. Lisa is warm, welcoming and comforting, as well as being honest.
June 02, 2020
I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa 6 years ago during a seminar Lisa was teaching. Since then I have enjoyed taking part of a variety of sessions Lisa has run. From years of meditation groups to learning more about how we can help ourselves through mindful thinking and coping strategies. I can open...
June 02, 2020
I used to struggle in situations I couldn't control and felt was drowning me with worry. Lisa guided me to open my eyes and think of a different way of seeing situations and coping. Lisa also taught me how to switch off from 'everything' and live in the present moment. I could never express how this...
June 02, 2020
I know this is a journey and I am so grateful I found Lisa to help guide me through mine. Anyone who feels they want or need to take that leap of faith into helping themselves, it will be the best decision you could ever make. Whether it's dipping your toe in or jumping straight in with the mind to ...
June 02, 2020
Need to share, riding is fab and im sleeping so deeply at nights!, I feel so confident about everything now, thank you so much Lisa, you’ve mended me xx
June 02, 2020
You have literally changed my life Lisa, the heaviness I've felt for more than I can remember has been lifted.
June 02, 2020
I wish I had the words to thank you for your patience, honesty and understanding with me yesterday, you’ve made a profound impact on me. Ill be eternally grateful our paths crossed, so truly, thank you xx
June 02, 2020
Simply amazing, my first experience in Hypnosis I was anxious but excited. Lisa instantly put me at ease and my session was nothing short of blissful. I woke up thinking I had been at rest for minutes when it has been over an hour and my phobia seems to diminish almost instantly. I cannot recommend ...
June 02, 2020
Since meeting Lisa I feel my life is on a new and positive pathway. The weekly meditation sessions are the highlight of my week. Lisa has also helped me with my fear of flying in one hypnosis session. Just recently I had the most relaxed flight of my life and actually enjoyed it!! Something which I ...
June 02, 2020
Enjoyed Law of attraction seminar, feel more positive and now it's time to attract only the good things. Thank you very much, very pleasant meeting.
June 02, 2020
The more & more I go, the more & more I'm intrigued by it all. Look forward to each and every session. Can't put my finger on it but know it's helping me in some way?! xxx
June 02, 2020
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